venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Photography and very Simple Creativity.

I like to collect all my pics on Flickr.
For each photographic trip, I create a Set with all the pictures. Sometimes I create specific sets choosing between these ones.
It's, for me, a pleasure to see my collections after a certain period. It's nice to see again places that I saw long time before.
Today, was cold outside and I've spent my time at home. I've seen many pics that I did in my last trip in Formentera. I went there in September 2010..
But today I've been to Formentera in a different way. A new trip. Almost different..
I've selected several pics. I've opened each of ones, one by one. I've examined each one zooming, enlarging the image..I've explored each pic and for any pic I've chosen a preferred detail.
At the end I've obtained a pleasant sensation: a new trip, through details that at the first glance I didn't notice the value in the original pics.
Here attached you can see some examples:

☆ 1st

☆ 2nd

☆ 3rd

☆ 4th

Here, the link to the whole Set 'Formentera 2010' on Flickr

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